About us

The best thermohydraulic and air conditioning brands, the best partner to promote and distribute them in Lombardy Area.

Società Luti

La sede di Agenzia Luti ad Assago, Via Palermo 27

Società Luti is a sales Agency that promotes products for some of the leading  thermohydraulic and conditioning Companies in most of the Lombardy area.

Our company has been a qualfied and reliable reference point for Mechanical Engineers, Wholesalers Retailers and Installers for over 30 years

Thanks to our  warehouse capacity we can ensure on-time pick up, short delivery times, and the ability to offer day-to-day delivery with our van or in cooperation with our courrier.

Our skilled staff is endowed with the most  modern equipment, to be able to quickly write-up  detailed estimates and budgets.  They are also available to help you choosing the most appropriate products according to your technical requirements.

He who relies on us can count on a skilled, qualified and reliable team, reliability due even to the strong cooperation with our Companies.

We offer our clients a privileged contact with some of the leading thermohydraulic and conditioning Companies in the European market.

Skilled Staff always at your service, quick responses and professional advice are the features that have distinguished  our Company’s mission for over 30 years.